When it comes to corrugated printing projects, our Business Unit is the active interface between brand owners and printers – inhouse and on-site.

As trending material for the most various kinds of packaging and PoS-materials, corrugated printing gets our full attention. Also, discounters which use the secondary packaging as carrier of the brand message and as sales support on the shelf gain more and more importance. Requirements of brand owners grow continuously because they know: Every contact between customer and product is decisive for the success of a brand.

Both large-scale and complex print images and the perfect display of brand colours as well as the accuracy of print and die cutter are the things a dependable partner of printers must manage – lean processes and clean print runs included.

  • Technical Account Managers who know how to get the most out of every machine with Flexicon printing plates
  • Solutions that meet the most various demands – from standard to premium and from simple shipping carton to high-quality secondary placement
  • Perfect adaptation to the appearance of the primary brand packaging by colour management and colour separation specialists

Large formats with up to 3 metres of width

Flexicon offers printing plate montages with a total width up to 300cm by applying special cutting technology.

Accuracy of fit for print image and die cutter

Printers never rest. That is why there are always new demands and challenges for Flexicon’s Printer Business Units. Many printing companies want an instrument which allows them to check the accuracy of fit, for both printing image and die cutter, fast and obligatory.
A control foil is delivered along with the printing form which precisely displays the cutting contour. The format of this foil is 100 % identical with the format of the final printing material.


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