Corrugated board gains importance throughout the consumer goods industry. For secondary packaging or shipping cartons as well as for secondary placement at the PoS – printing on corrugated board is a trending topic.

Our technical equipment for plate production and the installation are constantly up-to-date. The team of specialists for corrugated printing knows how to advise customers and printers and is proficient in colour management and the latest plate technologies.

The package for printers is topped off with services such as individual fingerprinting, Colour Separation and implementation of standardised or extended Colour Spaces.

  • High-end plate production
  • Machine-related analyses to create printing plates that lead to brilliant results
  • High quality standards defined by internationally operating brand customers
  • Plate production and mounting on the highest possible level


Plates for flexo printing on corrugated board

Production of printing plates for flexo printing on corrugated board from standard to premium quality for both primary and secondary packaging.

Plate mounting for corrugated printing

The mounting of plates for corrugated printing is realised with contour-cut patches. The entire information and the cutting contour are transferred onto the mounting foil.

Technical Account Management

Flexicon has special Technical Account Managers that supervise orders and give technical support to find individual solutions.

Technical Support/Project management

Concerning extended colour spaces, process standardisation, change of colour systems or other tasks, Flexicon offers expertise that is incomparable. Quality and efficiency of printing processes are increased immensely by choosing us as your partner.

Fingerprint & Profile

Unique profiles and test forms, so-called fingerprints, are tailored to the individual characteristics of every machine and help in the process of achieving outstanding print results.

Colour Separation

An especially for corrugated printing developed process supports the most precise colour separation and plate production.


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