As consequent extension of Flexicon’s Inkpilot®, the PrintAnalyzer stands out in terms of creating standards by fast measurement, easy documentation and reliable analyses. Detailed comparisons of various parameters in between different print runs help to achieve the best possible printing results.

The PrintAnalyzer is the logical continuation of the already implemented Inkpilot® idea to create standards through fast measurement, simple logging and analysing. Inkpilot® ensures that values can be entered for each print run. PrintAnalyzer is the online database, that allows the evaluation of single parameters. The web-based tool even provides customers with print reports via online platform.

The amount of captured data enables standardisation on the one hand and sustainably controllable quality on the other: Every global player has the choice to grant packaging suppliers access to their personal PrintAnalyzer platform. This way, he can retrieve all print reports of his digitally measured packages. Time consuming documentations of print runs and the transmitting of reports are omitted.

  • The printing behaviour of single colours like colour fluctuations or dot gain can be analysed accurately in several print runs
  • The effects of a set of plates or printing machine change become visible
  • Project schedules are downsized and collaborations between printers and brand owners are optimised



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