Perfect colour management with FLEXICON’s specially developed software solution: with INKPILOT® packaging printers can quickly and easily achieve the required print quality. At the same time, the increasing requirements of customers in the consumer goods and packaging industry concerning the check and documentation of every print job are met with ease. This saves time and costs. Meanwhile INKPILOT® is one of the most used software for colour measurement worldwide.

INKPILOT® 2.0 takes process control to a new level in a simple and fast way. In one pass, primary and secondary colours as well as grey balance can be measured simultaneously. The colorimetric evaluation of full and half tones such as detailed information on dot gain ensures that the colors are precisely matched to the reference.

In this way, motifs can be checked during production and are quickly and easily available for repeat orders. A complete measurement can be saved as a new reference strip by one click.

INKPILOT® 2.0 offers a clearly structured, intuitive and therefore very simple and fast menu navigation. The touch function as well as the one-window navigation allow the use of touch screens in the pressroom. In addition, INKPILOT® 2.0 offers a unique measuring window in which the measuring process can be repeated continuously without any additional activation.

The current measurement is saved in the INKPILOT® job by one click. All measurement results are visualized on one page in an ingeniously simple way, thus enabling a quick and easy adjustment of the print image. The view can be defined by the user in the presettings.

Additionally, the control stripe creation has also been redesigned. The user gets the opportunity to develop his own new strip templates. The templates get filled easily with the colour references in the stripe module by drag and drop.

Connectivity becomes significantly more extensive and convenient as well. For XLS- or XML-based and other file formats data exchange no third-party software is required anymore. Thus, data export can be carried out according to the customer’s requirements simplifying the cooperation.


With the upgrade INKPILOT® PLUS, FLEXICON is closing an important gap within the “proof to print” process chain. An integrated interface enables the connection to the PantoneLIVE cloud solution by X-Rite. By using this software solution, printing companies can precisely setup their printing inks based on the same colour references for full- and undertones as used for the colour-binding proof.

With version 2.0, INKPILOT® PLUS printers do not only get access to PantoneLIVE standards, but now are also able to integrate into the existing control stripes. There is no new creation needed. By drag and drop the existing ones get simply replaced by the PantoneLIVE standards.

  • Simple INKPILOT® upgrade to the plus version
  • Downgrade possible any time
  • License adaptable to requirements



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