The more brand owners can get from a single source the better. As a complementary service to our design works, we also offer professional photo shoots to present products at their best.

As part of our D2P process, Flexicon Photography has three major advantages. One of them is speed: with a pool of professional photographers for each sector, photo jobs are realised on short notice. Photos are transferred from the FX-Photo Studio to the FX-Artwork directly, which reduces leadtimes tremendously. Another advantage is the perfect look, that is based on the precise internal coordination between Artwork and Photo Studio. Both given advantages lead to the third benefit – economic efficiency.

The Flexicon Photography project management is devided in three stages. First there is a detailed briefing and a pre-production process including the set up of the project in the Flexicon Webcenter and the necessary coordination of timings with the client. After the photographer is done with his work the chosen motifs go over to the third stage, which is editing and composing. After the corrections are made – in case there were any – the finished motifs are uploaded to the Webcenter so the customer can check and release them for print or further processing. The Flexicon Photography process contributes to a perfectly working design to print process that saves times and results in perfect packaging.

  • Briefing-Check, Rebriefing & Timing
  • Styleguide-Check
  • Line-up Management
  • Preproduction & Postproduction (image editing, composing, colour management)
  • Project Management


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My name is Stefan Winterberg and I am Director Global Sales for Flexicon. I am looking forward to getting in touch with you – let’s create a tailor-made solution for your project.

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