Our team for Flexible Printing is your important link between the high demands of the consumer goods industry towards printability analysis, colour separation and plate production. They provide you with tailor-made solutions.

Keeping the branded goods industry pleased is the challenge printers face. Our team of flexible printing experts has profound understanding how to fulfill the high demands on print quality on the one hand, but on the other hand to keep printability and productivity at a high level on press. In the competition for customers the right balance is key.

Our team knows exactly how the demands of brand owners concerning print results develop and always find the ideal future-oriented solutions. Rising demands are one thing, saving costs another. Flexo printing is a cost-effective alternative to gravure printing. For brilliant print results, a reliable and professional prepress provider and plate producer is therefore indispensable. Lean processes and fast colour match on press are fundamental. With Flexicon you choose the right partner!

  • Development of tailor-made solutions that match with any standard of quality
  • Flexicon plays a vital role in moving gravure printing motives to flexo printing

  • Development of profiles for extended colour spaces

  • Expertise for consistent print quality and fast colour match on a high level

Flexo printing plates from Flexicon: experience guarantees speed and quality

We are one of the pioneers in the sector as a manufacturer of flexo printing plates. We have made our contribution towards achieving the most sophisticated printed images in flexo printing without compromising on the reproduction quality of pictures, full-scale colours and runs. Whether it is foil, paper, primary packaging or outer packaging: we have the right flexo printing plate for every material and demand.

Flexo printing, the better alternative to gravure printing

You want to switch designs from gravure to flexo printing? You are interested in Extended Colour Gamut Printing, optimizing your ink consumption or need colour simplification? With knowledge from various projects our team of experts for flexible printing, colour management and project management knows the path to success in flexo printing.


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My name is Bodo Kison and I am Director Global Sales for Flexicon. I am looking forward to getting in touch with you – let’s create a tailor-made solution for your project.

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