For the success of our customers in the branded articles industry.

Printing companies which are entrusted with the production of brand packaging worldwide must take the responsibility for a print result which in turn is the result of many processes. It is inevitable to analyse the system-specific parameters of the printing machines as part of a printer specification to achieve a perfect print result.

Together with the printer, a print test for the upcoming packaging project is carried out based on a prepared test form. This printing test is called fingerprint. According to this fingerprint, we analyse the specific features and options. Aligned exactly, the profile is designed for future print data which is the basis for any further colour separation.

For customers who are looking for a new printing company which guarantees top quality at fair prices, Flexicon has a comprehensive number of printers around the globe in its database who have already passed through the multi-step specification programme.

  • Printer analysis by specialised Print Quality Managers
  • Individually developed test files and/ or printing plates

  • Perfect printing results in one attempt


To achieve brilliant printing results, we work in close coordination with your printing company. We know that there are many different machines, working in various ways. By producing a fingerprint with individually manufactured test plates, we can easily define machine-specific features. These need to be considered when it comes to data production and colour profiling.

For the perfect fingerprint, the settings of the machines, the substrates used, the colour sequences and the finishing need to comply with the future print specifications. Once a fingerprint of a packaging project is prepared, we develop exact profiles for the future print data. They serve as base for every colour separation that follows.