The apprenticeship at FLEXICON is practice-oriented – you will learn alongside our experts
what you need to know and be able to do for your professional future.

The apprenticeship is versatile – our wide range of prepress provider services gives you the
unique opportunity to get to know divers departments and their focal points.

The apprenticeship is sustainable – after a successful completion you can take the chance
to use and develop your acquired knowledge in one of our expert teams.


You want to learn more about the apprenticeship at FLEXICON?
Our junior instructor and the FX.future team are happy to answer your questions.



jr. Trainer Media Designer

Tel.: +49 5201 – 87 19 0



Tel.: +49 5201 – 87 19 0


The FX.future team, which consists of our current trainees, recruits together
with our trainer the young talents for the upcoming year.

Send us online your detailed application for your preferred apprenticeship.

The FX.future team makes the pre-selection from all the applications
received and coordinates with the Human Resources.

During an personal interview we get to know each other even better.
We are also happy to answer your questions.

If your ideas and our requirements match, you may start your
apprenticeship at FLEXICON the following year!


Because we and also the applicants have had good experiences with this method for years! It offers the chance to ask our trainees directly about the apprenticeship at FLEXICON – and it takes away the nervousness during the first interview. The FX.future project has been an integral part for years and it is just one of many different trainee projects at FLEXICON. Depending on the focus for the coming year, new teams get formed for exhibition appearances, social media activities, or even corporate health management. FLEXICON thus offers young people new challenges and the opportunity to try out completely new tasks outside of the framework curriculum. But also to work independently, make decisions and take responsibility. These projects are very important to us because it is our young talents who shape the future of the company.


Apprenticeship completed – what will follow? Get an insight into possible positions that you may aim for after your
apprenticeship at FLEXICON. Either as entrant or with a further education:

Operator Artwork & Repro

The Image Specialists – they match text and image data and produce master artworks. Main tasks are reviewing, converting and printing incoming data on Mac or PC, while the usability and technical feasibility for the printing process get checked. The creation of artworks on the basis of existing design elements and technical specifications as well as the creation of new designs with a view to optimal further processing for reproduction are central work steps as an Artwork Operator. The Repro Operator continues the process with color separation and image processing according to given specifications. In addition, it is about the creation and processing of print motifs for flexo-, offset- and packaging gravure projects. Prerequisites for this job are knowledge of printing techniques and an experienced use of programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (CS, CC), Esko DeskPack, ArtPro or Packedge. You should be familiar with printing processes and confident with profiles and color management. If you also have a good command of English, can work flexibly, creatively and at the same time in an organized manner, this may be exactly the right job for you after the apprenticeship as a Media Designer!

Operator 3D/CGI

CGI (Computer-Generated-Images) is a service for virtual product presentations for online retailer. On the basis of artworks, the operator implements the digital clones of the branded packaging by creating true-to-color 3D constructions and renderings in Cinema 4D, ESKO Studio and Photoshop according to customer specifications for online retail. They can be standardized, interactive, on the fly, or created with digital product inventory and content. In addition, it is also about programming, development of web applications and interface management. Practical experience in 3D design by using e.g. Maxon Cinema 4D, Adobe CC and a apprenticeship in media design are basic requirements. High technical comprehension, a distinctive quality standard, routine in perspective, color theory and composition round off the profile. Good communication skills in English, resilience and flexibility, but also the willingness to learn new things are required!

Customer Service

The CS is the central interface for our customers. Order processing, coordination of color composition according to their requirements with printers are the focus here: orders are checked for feasibility taking into account the specified designs, artworks and repros and accompanied through to the finished print. Experience in internal sales at a prepress provider, paired with artwork and repro knowledge, as well as solid understanding of the common printing processes and finishing stages for packaging  are necessary for the fulfillment of these tasks. The daily customer requirements are met with flexibility, commitment and a structured way of working. Due to the predominantly international customer base, fluent Business English skills, both spoken and written, are essential.

Account Manager

As an Account Manager, the focus is on customer care and accompanying the implementation of new customers. You control projects, work across with affiliated departments. Among other things you optimize workflows and processes, create forecasts for capacity planning and report regularly to the Sales Manager and your customers. Media Designer with a further education for Certified Media Specialist, Printing Technician or Bachelor / Master in International Sales have good prerequisites for meeting the requirements. In addition, flexibility and the ability to work in a team, fluent English language skills, both spoken and written, as well as a willingness to occasionally travel are required. Communication talents who can keep track of things even in stressful situations, can work in a goal-oriented and independent manner, will find themselves in this job.


The administrative departments build the centerpiece in the background of each company, this is where all business processes converge. In addition to the Purchasing and Sales Department, also the Human Resources, Controlling and  Financial Accountings as well as the Central Reception belong to the typical administrative units. A solid commercial understanding and an affinity for processes and figures are very important in each administrative-related department. Organizational talent, communication skills paired with confidentiality and a structured, independent way of working are expected from every administrative team. With a commercial apprenticeship you can start at an administrative department such as mentioned above. With different further qualifications, depending on personal strength and interest, you can specialize in knowledge in order to develop professionally.


In addition, there are many other professions and career opportunities at FLEXICON. The diverse prepress provider services are carried out by our specialists with experience and passion for our customers. During an apprenticeship at FLEXICON you will get to know many colleagues who have been working at FLEXICON for years – they can tell you about their career paths!