Great product range of digitally printed labels for Danone Actimel

How can we create about 50.000 different label motifs in artwork management efficiently and print them in constantly high quality? With this question, our customer Danone Actimel turned to Flexicon’s digital printing experts while planning a promotional campaign for the French market.

  • approx. 50.000 different label versions
  • Risk and project management
  • Flexible data management

Safety first: risk management

Before the project started, the focus was on our consulting services. During a workshop, we discussed the technical challenges and analysed possible risks. The challenge was not only to find the right printing method, allowing a highly flexible data management, but also to find and define the best workflows for colour and project management. Both are often underestimated in a project of this scale. A risk arises, for example, that the claim might be misleading when elements are combined arbitrarily. Furthermore, the printed logo always needs to look the same in every label variation regardless of the substrate. An additional challenge was to take distortion into account, since the labels were printed on shrink film and had to keep their impression during the labelling of the Danone Actimel bottles.

Solution: Project, data and colour management by Flexicon

For technical implementation, the decision was made in favour of HP Indigo digital printing machines. This technology allows to combine an indefinite number of different image contents, texts and backgrounds. Which is precisely what was requested. Another key benefit of digital printing: it does not require classic repro. Flexicon as an interface between creation and production took over colour management completely for Danone’s lead agency. Within the frameworks of data management, Flexicon built simplified templates for the final customer approval and prepared fingerprints as well as colour profiles for the digital printing machine. This way, the printing results meet the expectations at any time. The number of variants, the narrow time frame and the high technical standard placed the highest demands on project management by Flexicon. This demonstrates how a successful integration of digital printing projects into traditional D2P workflows – with simultaneous highest FMOT effect and highest colour consistency – can look like with us by your side.


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