There is always optimization potential! But where exactly does it hide within the complex process chain from packaging design to print? Flexicon added new workshops to its PrePress Consulting consisting of consultancy, analyses, coaching and services that involve specific issues.

With Flexicon you remain competitive

Especially in the packaging printing industry the complexity of tasks increases with the customer’s demands. More and more products and product line extensions are launched in a decreasing amount of time. Often a large number of service providers with distinct workflows are involved in these processes. As a consequence the particular design-to-print (D2P) processes have to be adapted so that quality, efficiency and speed keep preserved. A demand which is hardly manageable in the day-to-day business. As an interface between customer and printing plant Flexicon has the 360° overview of all requirements on both sides as well as the full know-how. From this perspective, we constantly further develop our coaching services and analysis tools of our PrePress Consulting and adapt them to the individual demands. Our Quick Check consisting of consulting, analyses and result-oriented workshops already reveals the most important optimization potentials. In the detail analysis our experienced consultants take care of the optimization of cost structures, quality levels as well as lead times and develop solutions according to that. Because the success of all actions depends on the knowledge and the implementation of employees, Flexicon gives the teams a design-to-print manager they can turn to or offers special PrePress seminars. These also contain trainings in the latest technological trends and therefore are important actions for further education.

New workshops for change management

Soon we will be offering customer-oriented workshops that will address specific questions concerning process optimization which will be the base for the future change management. Fact is, only who manages to adapt processes to the changing market situation caused by increasing globalization and tougher competition will be successful in the future. Flexicon is a reliable partner on the way to the future.