We are driven by innovation and further development. Even before the pandemic, which required rethinking in many areas, FLEXICON was working on a concept for digital print approvals. The pandemic and its restrictions with regards to personal contacts as well as travel restrictions at home and abroad, have given the final impetus for its implementation.

Established at FLEXICON in 2005, the Print Quality Program always ensured our customers that the expected print quality will be achieved. Experienced Design to Print Managers have the necessary know-how to carry out the fine adjustments in printing processes. With an on-site presence at the printer and evaluation of the first print results directly on the machine, we have constantly enabled our customers to achieve perfect print results.

How can we ensure that a design is printed in the desired quality without having an expert on-site? The new FLEXICON Remote Print Approval (FX RPA) now offers a safe and efficient possibility!

In cooperation with our printing experts, the innovation team has developed the new online print approval process. It consists of three consecutive steps: preparation – print run – follow-up. FLEXICON remains the link between printer and customer and takes the lead in all steps to ensure a professional and smooth process. A special proof chart is used for colour matching of the motif during online print approval. In addition, the printer receives the appropriate INKPILOT® measuring software module for the period of the print approval (free of charge in 2021). The printing press can thus be set in terms of measurement technology according to the corresponding profile.

FX RPA is easy to handle, can be carried out regardless of location, is safe for everyone involved and delivers perfect results. Proving itself already successful in many projects during the last year, the online print approval follows the trend of modern digital working processes.

Print Approval at FLEXICON