The FLEXICON seminar “Basics of PrePress – from Design to Print”, which has been popular for many years, got a refresh and is now being launched as a digital “FLEXICON PrePress Training” with new online modules!

Advantage by knowledge – understanding new technologies and meeting increased requirements. With the new FLEXICON online trainings “Basics of PrePress”, “Printing technology”, “Colour management” and insights into the “INKPILOT®” measurement software, the participants gain in-depth prepress knowledge from our experts in compact sessions. Afterwards, the learned content forms a valuable component for the daily work of the interfaces to prepress.

The offered trainings are aimed at employees from the manufacturing or processing packaging industry and employees of QA, purchasing and sales as well as marketing and design. Interested parties from other areas are also invited to take part in the trainings moderated live by our experienced experts. After each training, we offer to join an Expert-Talk with the speaker in group or individual discussions.

As a special, in currently three modules participants receive a package in advance with material and technical equipment for visualization and interaction during the online training!

On request, we still offer individual training courses or workshops for teams and companies in order to provide you with expertises that you can use in a targeted manner for your work.

We are looking forward to sharing our expert knowledge with many interested participants.

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