The pandemic is affecting the economic situation worldwide. Many companies are currently facing imminent bankruptcy. There are no reliable predictions about the duration of the pandemic and its consequences. Above all, we are affected by the many human tragedies. We are therefore happy to know that all of our employees are doing well. It pays off that we reacted immediately and made decisions depending on the situation.

Our measures for protection against infections

Right from the start, FLEXICON took extensive measures and consistently followed them to protect employees and their families from a COVID-19 infection and to keep the business going as trouble-free as possible. A crisis team was set up specifically for this purpose, which regularly re-evaluates the facts in order to be able to make further decisions about individual measures. Extensive hygiene rules with distance regulations in all areas, access restrictions to the respective buildings, relocation of workplaces to the home office, shifted working hours, shift systems in production as well as the restriction of business trips and personal appointments are now part of our everyday routine.

We are there for our customers – in a digital way

Even if the changed structures and workplace situations imply new challenges, we have made every effort to provide our customers with the usual service. A lot of things are shifting to digital alternatives more and more: the entire internal and external communication, coordination with printers as well as print approvals or artwork management. F2F meetings are reduced to a necessary minimum and with Microsoft Teams we were able to implement a digital meeting culture that was accepted very well.

What matters now and in the future

The solidarity of our employees and the trust of our customers and business partners! Thanks to the consistent involvement of our teams, we are confident about the future. In order to keep FLEXICON and the entire workforce safe and healthy through these turbulent times, cohesion is fundamental. Since all companies are affected equally, all business partners involved approach each other to an extraordinary extent. So far, we have found collaborative solutions for every situation, no matter how challenging it was. With commitment and work at high pressure, we were able to maintain our packaging printing services during the “panic buying” in the first weeks of the crisis and made an important contribution to the system-relevant food supply.

By showing stability in change FLEXICON remains a strong and reliable partner!