New business unit Mockup Experts

For several years now, Flexicon has been offering a high-performance production for sample packaging – partially via certified partners – to their customers throughout Europe. Since demands increased continuously, especially in Russia, Flexicon opened their own prototype building center in Moscow. Flexicon Russia was founded as early as 2006 and has evolved into a nationwide market leader in the prepress segment since. Even the Center of Excellence at Flexicon’s German headquarter in Halle/Westfalen and especially the customers benefit from the new business unit Mockup Experts. For the in-house sample production this is a remarkable competence gain which allows to produce and deliver first-class packaging proofs faster and cheaper – ranging from individual samples up to high quantities. Packaging prototyping is an attractive service for many companies, due to the many applications and opportunities of product samples that resemble the upcoming series package in every detail.

Verify your packaging idea

Before starting the cost-intensive packaging production, the packaged product can be assessed with the aid of true-colour samples. On this basis, it can be decided whether it meets the desired requirements or not. Flexicon provides a simulation using the in-house facilities for digital printing, refinement and processing – with the designated original material, if possible. Thus, the customer may consider the impression of the packed product and decide whether it stands out at the PoS. The prototype makes it easy to decide whether an innovative packaging idea works nicely or needs further optimization. The role of mockups is particularly clear when it comes to complex manufacturing processes, e. g. printing a design on heat-shrinkable materials. Our customers benefit from the technical and creative consulting expertise in the new business unit. At the end of every project there is a perfect packaging sample, ready to go into production and ensuring the key parameters for an efficient time and volume planning.

More success through realistic tests

Will the product sell successfully? Simply run a trial beforehand, since one cannot and will not afford flops. A sample packing by Flexicon is a 1:1 copy of the real packaging, ready to use – by request even with the original filling. Flexicon’s Mockup Experts provide a production starting at the quantity of one up to small batches in first-class quality, shortest realization time and at a very attractive price. A relatively small investment allows to check the prospects of a small batch and a certain packaging size at the PoS in test markets, support listing negotiations in the retail sector successfully or conduct consumer surveys in the run-up to the product launch. True to original product samples tare most suitable for advertising campaigns before introducing the product on the market. At preliminary stages, they sell the brand at presentations and trade fairs. In animations, video clips and product photography, they act confidently as the campaign’s hero.

Flexicon is the one-stop shop for prepress and premedia

With the new business unit Mockup Experts Flexicon emphasizes the „one-stop shop“ principle and adds another component to their extensive services. Integrated consultation and project support from a packaging idea all the way to printing by one highly specialized partner leads to efficient and secure processes, consistently high quality and greater profitability.

You’re interested in high-quality packaging samples? We’ll gladly advise you. > Stefan Winterberg