Flexo printing is much more than just a trend. Flexo printing has become an extremely versatile and efficient printing technique for packaging printers. For this reason, Flexicon decided to offer their clients the most advanced technologies available for producing high-quality flexo printing plates. By adding the KODAK Flexcel NX production line of the latest generation Flexicon complements its premium flexo printing plate manufacture – one of the most modern and efficient in Europe.

Win-win-Situation for everybody

ESKO/CYREL high performance CDI, exposure technology including NExT exposure for FlatTop applications by DuPont and Flint, a Kongsberg cutting table and now the KODAK NX production line – with its recent investments in the flexo printing plate production, Flexicon provides access to the latest developments and relevant procedures for both packaging and supplying industry. In conclusion, the printing industry, the brand and trade will profit equally. Meanwhile, flexoprinting is so well-developed that it is at a similarly high level as gravure printing in the matter of ink density, luminance and print quality. Flexo printing plates offering a reliable pressure stability as well as first-class ink transfer with high density are the prerequisite for obtaining an even print with spot colours and an extended colour range when printing scale colours.

Premium class: the digital Kodak Flexcel NX Flexo plate

Kodak’s Flexcel NX Flexo plate is one of them and it provides convincing benefits especially in high-quality packaging print. A microstructure on all printable elements of the flexo plate creates perfectconditions for a high colour density. The improved density has a huge impact on the visual appearance of the packaging. Higher printing contrasts yield more depth and brilliance. Additionally, the range of colours widens due to the high colour density across the entire tonal range. This allows a greater production of four-colour prints in scale colours. Since custom colours are decreased, the costs drop as well. Another advantage in printing is the robustness of Flexcel NX Flexo plates. They remain stable against process fluctuations and provide the highest reproducibility by transferring information 1:1. In addition to saving valuable time thanks to shorter setup times, printing companies profit from a reduced number of intervals between washings, since the plates withstand the washing process easily. Flexicon produces NX Flexo plates in sizes up to 1.270 x 2.032 mm, which is the biggest possible format.

Flexicon for high performance

The most advanced flexo printing plates by Flexicon provide the highest quality in flexo print and guarantee an increased production efficiency for package printing plants while saving time and money. The wide performance spectrum Flexicon offers includes products to support the printing process and services to make print service providers successful and competitive with flexo printing. As one of the leading flexo cliché makers in Europe, Flexicon is always at the heart of the scene. We are the first to adopt new trends and developments.

You’d like to find out about them and how you can profit? We’re pleased to give you our advice. > Mr. Ulrich Rosendahl, printer business director