The solution many printing companies that want to use PantoneLIVE have been waiting for: Inkpilot® plus with an integrated interface for the PantoneLIVE cloud solution by X-Rite. An upgrade is immediately possible. With this Flexicon bridged an important gap within the “proof to print” (ptp) process chain. Once the designer uses PantoneLIVE colors for proofs, printing companies can easily achieve these by using Inkpilot® plus.

Clients get realistically simulated proofs

PantoneLIVE offers brand owners, designers and print service providers common color standards that comply with diverse substrates, printing machines and color systems. With the PantoneLIVE Cloud designers can access the specific Pantone-color references (dependent-standards) and choose the material which is supposed to be imprinted later. This way the simulated proof is much more equivalent to the final printing result right from the beginning. Printing companies will be glad: they don’t need to explain themselves because of color deviations, which are unavoidable with proofs of previous standards, anymore. With Inkpilot® plus printers have access to the dependent-standards of PantoneLIVE and can detect and adjust tiniest color deviations within the reference print in no time. Generally speaking, they achieve the final proof colors after only one correction. The entire ptp-process is facilitated for printing companies and much safer for everybody involved.

Upgrade now

Flexicon offers the opportunity to upgrade the basic Inkpilot® license to the plus version. A downgrade is possible at any time once PantoneLIVE is not in use anymore. This way Inkpilot® stays a cost-efficient solution for precise, simple and fast color control for any requirement in packaging printing.

Get the Inkpilot ®plus upgrade now! Don’t hesitate to ask us for help!

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